A Different World

I have been watching A Different World from Lisa Bonet to Jada Pinkett. The show became more than just a sitcom showing our community early on a glimpse of life in college to tackling racism, sexual harassment, stds, sexism, color-ism, and positively introduced us to sororities and fraternities. ”A Different World” helped glorify not only going to college but an HBCU and inspired a lot of people to take that step after high school even after realizing Hillman College was a fictitious institution. The show became even more important and relate-able after I myself attended an HBCU. I met those Whitleys, hung with Dwaynes, had classes with Kims, worked with Charmaines and partied with Winnys. I couldn't think of a better show to do for this TBT with Grown-ish paying homage to the iconic classic, showing it’s still influential today.