ABC Live Special

Did you catch the ABC ”Jimmy Kimmel Live” special? It was a mash-up of the living legend Norman Lear’s sitcoms “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons”. Now a lot of people were confused to what it was initially, thinking it was a reboot which is why they had qualms about supporting the revival. Honestly, the entire cast delivered, the episodes were nostalgic, especially “The Jeffersons” for me since I remember that pilot episode and it was great seeing Marla Gibbs reprise her role. Norman Lear has shown black families, business owners, and love way before it was popular on tv. When other writers said no, he pushed to show our lives on the tv screens. He’s also brought us other shows like my favorite “Good Times”, and “Sanford and Son”. You can catch it again on the ABC app or HULU. What did you think about the special?