American Skin REVIEW

Initially I faced some hesitation watching this movie because I was, or I am tired of this narrative, black, unarmed, shot by police, and no justice. I did not feel like watching a movie with a script we have seen unfold time after time, in real life. However, after I saw others recommend it, I decided to try it, and I am happy I did. This movie was powerful. It took me through a roller coaster of emotions. It was not hard to connect with the characters, as the actors did a great job of making you feel like you were right there going through it with them. They were passionate, whether you liked their character or not, but what makes this movie powerful, is that it was willing to explore and have honest thought-provoking discussions that mainstream media isn’t always willing to explore. While it focused on the aftermath of a family dealing with the tragedy of an unjust system, it opened the argument up for both sides to plead their case. But the dialogue that ensued, when both sides were given the floor was chilling. What I heard isn’t anything that I didn’t already know, as a person of color.

It was not something that hasn’t been said or thought about amongst my friends and I. The message was clear. The pain was clear. The unrest that people of color experience was clear. The implicit biases that white people and the police department have was clear, and for me, the undeniable fears we face as parents of Black children was clear. This movie very clearly made every point that we as POC have been trying to express. This movie summed up our cries, our hurt, and our anger. 'American Skin' validated what POC are feeling and what we already know to be. This movie should be a wake-up call to those that keep denying racism and the subsequent injustices because of it. 'American Skin' is for everyone. It is for any parent that does not know how to talk to their kids about race and police brutality. It is for the white parent unable to understand what black parents go through. It is for those who “back the blue” and do not understand "Black Lives Matter." It is for law enforcement officers to better understand both sides.