American Soul

”American Soul” on Bet rounded off its first season and it was a groovy, entertaining ride. Hats off to whoever did the casting for the series. Every character depicted from Don Cornelius, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Martha Reeves to Tina Turner, did their depiction justice. Also, much appreciated, were the new fresh faces the series debuted. For those who aren't familiar with the series, it’s about the story of ”Soul Train”, a 70s dance show pioneered by the legendary Don Cornelius. Now keep in mind, the series will not paint Don in the best light every episode which may or may not be a good thing, but It gives the show a raw, realistic point of view. The series tells the story of Soul Train’s rise to success and all that came along with it which wasn't always positive. From the dance sequences, classic songs, musician depictions to the storyline, the series is definitely worth the watch. Fortunately, American Soul has been renewed for a second season, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!