TBT Goes to one of my all-time favorite movies B.A.P.S. starring Halle Berry & Natalie Desselle-Reid. B.A.PS. is definitely one of those quotable movies you can just hang with friends and everyone is laughing like it’s the first time. For those who haven’t seen the iconic classic, the movie is about two women who dream of a better life so they take a chance and audition for a Heavy D(RIP) music video. After a failed attempt, they’re approached by a man who gives them a golden opportunity they couldn’t pass. Every Halloween with people 20 years later dressing up in their infamous audition outfits is a reminder that the film is still relate-able and relevant today. This week the director Robert Townsend posted about a possible reboot and asked about casting. This is definitely a tricky question, I️ definitely feel the movie is untouchable but maybe a modern-day twist on the movie would be ideal. What do you think about a reboot? What’s your favorite quote?