Based on a true story. The movie is about a black man played by John Washington, infiltrating the KKK. The movie starts with Washington’s character Ron Stallworth being the first black officer hired to the police department in Colorado spring. He is later given the task of infiltrating the KKK and the Black Panthers. He and his partner played by Adam Driver, becomes one person as Ron voices the Ron used to join the KKK and his partner plays the actual in-person Ron. It's interesting because they’re both placed in a situation that may have comprised their loyalty to the police department and their case. Worth mentioning, there is a scene where Ron Stallworth is mentioning an officer on the force who killed an unarmed black kid and when asked why the force keeps him around he was told ”they're a family and we stick together, right or wrong, we stick together” Ron replied ”that reminds me of another group” if that doesn't make you 🤔. I️ will say your ear will burn from the use of racial, ethnic and homophobic slurs so if you're sensitive you may want to consider not watching. The film was very entertaining and informative although It would have been nice to get some action movie type action; it wasn't that type of movie. I️ commend spike lee on retelling this story and putting that reality in art at the end.