Breaking In

So I finally watched Breaking In starring Gabrielle Union, and it was an enthralling suspense film. The absolutely beginning of the film grabbed me and that was one hell of an opening. Union plays Shaun, a wife with two kids, who now has to settle her father’s estate after his untimely death. Upon arrival at her father’s home, they find out that the house is like a fortress, equipped with a full security system. After a few hours, she and her kids are accosted by a barrage of criminals who want to get into the home. The movie story-line goes as you probably suspect but Gabrielle Union does a great job of showing what a mother will do for her children in danger. I️ do wish the movie showed more of her father’s backstory to make the audience better sympathize and understand why this is happening exactly, but if you want good suspense with entertaining action, definitely check it out.