Coming to America

This movie goes down on the list of a must-see for your "black card." Starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley and the list goes on. This classic has some of the best scenes including the iconic African wedding dance, and it's still showing popularity every year from Halloween, to weddings, proms, to being referenced in various movies and TV shows. Paralleling Wakanda which came out first via comics, Zamunda is a wealthy African country with Akeem as it's prince and the rest of the royal family. For those who haven't seen the classic, the movie is about Akeem’s pursuit to go against arranged tradition to find his wife on his own terms leaving Zamunda to go to ironically ”Queens” New York. Murphy also plays various characters in the film bringing us the hilarious scene with Randy Watson & Sexual 🍫. This year we celebrate 30 years since this still influential classic premiered.