Daphne Reid

In honor of Daphne Reid’s birthday this week, here is a brief history of the actress. Most know Daphne Reid for replacing Janet Hubert as Aunt Viv on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' but there is way more to the actress than that. In 1969, Daphne became the first black woman to grace the cover of Glamour magazine. She also was the first black homecoming queen at Northwestern University. After pursuing her career choice, she met Tim Reid in Chicago who would later become her husband. The two would go on to star in their own show together called 'Frank’s Place'. Daphne has also made guest appearances on 'Sister Sister' alongside her husband. Daphne is not only an actress but has played the role of a comedian, model, fashion designer, and activist. She should be respected and appreciated for all of her achievements beyond her most iconic role.