Everybody Hates Chris

Chris Rock's self-based series!

This week’s TBT goes to Chris Rock's Everybody Hates Chris a 80’s based sitcom on the fortunate and unfortunate events surrounding Chris's life in Bedstuy Brooklyn. The Cast individually but collectively brought this show together. The sitcom brought to light issues surrounding living in Bedstuy at that time with a comedic twist. The show played on each family member’s unique characteristic such as his frugal money saving father, boisterous chocolate turtles loving mother, younger taller but often confused as his older brother and his billy ocean obsessed sister. Chris’s family dynamic was so great because it was so relate-able, if that wasn’t your family, you knew someone who it was. The show also had some of the best guest appearances such as Tisha Campbell, Loretta Devine, Jackee Harry and Whoopi Goldberg.