Fatale is defined as a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations. The film 'Fatale' was a seemingly predictable movie judging from the trailer. However, the plot diverges from the common “fatal attraction” trope and evolves into a narrative that is fresh and entertaining. This is no 'Obsessed’ or 'The Perfect Guy,' there may be some similarities but in the end, the movie is entirely different in meaning. Michael Ealy plays Derrick Tyler a sports agent who is accomplished in every aspect of his life outside of his marriage while Hilary Swank plays Detective Val Quintan who is just as accomplished in her career with some personal issues of her own. Their paths cross unexpectedly and the plot begins to thicken. There are many twists and turns in the movie and every time you may think you may have it figured out, another layer is revealed. I always love to see high profile actresses play smaller roles like these because they get to have a lot of fun. Swank really dominated every scene she was in and truly made Ealy look vulnerable. She quickly becomes a character that you love to hate because she constantly keeps you guessing. Ealy keeps up with her well and is a fine protagonist throughout. He honestly doesn’t get enough credit as an actor so I’m hoping this will land him more deserving roles. Fatale is a perfect way to spend an evening if you are looking for something enjoyable yet different to watch. Have you checked it out? What did you think about the film?