Girl's Trip

“Girl’s Trip” starring Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Tiffany Haddish was definitely a long overdue movie for women of color. Originating off what I call the “four friends formula”, the movie was funny, had an entertaining story line and even referenced Jada and Queen’s former movie “Set It Off”! The story follows four Florida A&M graduate friends, who are reuniting on a trip to New Orleans during the Essence Festival. During the trip, they have a couple fun to watch unexpected hiccups & reveals. I’ve followed Tiffany Haddish before the movie, and if you remember, she was in a play “What My Husband Doesn’t Know” and she was hilarious in that as well, so it’s great that this movie was her break out role. I’m looking forward to the sequel! Hopefully, we can expect more movies like this to remember years later.