Green Book

So despite my reservations about watching another racially driven movie, I checked out Green Book. First, let me say that the Italian rhetoric made the film genuinely enjoyable to watch from beginning to end. The 1960s based film is about Tony Lip who is a rough around the edges back streets Italian who is hired to drive slightly eccentric Dr. Don Shirley who is a classically trained black pianist on tour with his trio through the deep south. Despite being socially accepted in the north, Dr. Shirley takes on this tour where he knows he will encounter issues along the way. Without spoiling the movie, the film explores an unfamiliar narrative of a white person hired to do a job of somewhat servitude for a black person, which I don’t remember seeing on this caliber since The Body Guard. What's interesting to note are two things, the development of the relationship between the two characters from the time they first met to the end of the film and why Dr. Shirley even made the decision to perform in the south which I will leave you to figure out. Both actors put on a great performance and the movie definitely has a well-developed story-line.