OWN's original series

When @greenleafown premiered the interest in watching a show about a #megachurchwasn’t on my hierarchy list but #greenleafdefinitely isn’t your typical church show. The show revolves around Pastor Greenleaf played by #KeithDavis and his First Lady Mae played by @mslynnwhitfield and their relationship plus the relationship with their four adult children. Each child @deborahjoywinans @merledandridge@lammanruckerofficial brings their own set of unique issues including, #suicide#infidelity #depression #drugabuse#sexualassault #divorce @owntv definitely has a winner with this show as I’m still here for season 3. This season’s main focus is the possible demise of pastor and his pending first lady’s marriage and Rochelle played by @letoyaluckett role in it.