HULU's Woke Review

Hulu’s 'Woke' is the relatable comedy we all wish didn't have to exist. The series follows Keith, a successful sitcom cartoonist who hits the level of ”Woke” after being racially profiled by NY police. The sitcom brings to light how black celebs can achieve success based on not being racially confrontation, or at least not initially. Keith then goes on a racially filled rant on a segment promoting his show which has consequences. The rest of the series documents Keith's attempt to bounce back from the “sunken place” by reviving his career in a new way. Woke also touches on how our society can come off desensitized to police brutality against black people comparing that theory to an animal’s death with the “Kubby” episode, remember the “Harambe” hype? The comedy does combine satire with talking inanimate objects, voiced by a few familiar voices, pinpointing common stereotypes while also ironically helping Keith maintain his sanity. His friends Clovis, Ayana & Gunther helped with the show’s laughs, usually breaking the tension of most serious scenes. I did get lost midseason which felt a little drawn out but my attention was regained. With its cinematography and theme, you can definitely tell it’s a HULU original reminiscent of 'Insecure' with the essence of Spike Lee’s 'Bamboozled'. Overall, I️ feel the series is more a “dramedy” than a comedy and is worth the watch.