In Living Color

Keenan Wayans's In Living Color was one of the catalysts for shows like MADtv and All That. Stemming from the origins of SNL and other sketch comedy shows alike, In Living Color brought funny into the 90s with an edgy flare. The show introduced a full line up of cast members including stand up comedians, DJs and let us not forget the fly girls; also ending every episode with a special music performance. I️ want to name some of the cast but that would take multiple posts so I️ will say that Keenan Wayans definitely put his entire family on. The show not only brought the funny, but it also tackled at that time current events from a comical perspective and at times pushed the envelope for TV. Decades later, some of these same cast members and fly girls have graced our TV and movie screens. The show is still popular today with singers like Bruno Mars doing an In Living Color themed music video. I️ ain’t one to gossip but my favorite skit was definitely miss Benita Butrell starring Kim Wayans, what was your favorite skit or character?