Based on the #rodneyking#LatoshaHarlins era dating back to 1991, I watched the movie “Kings” starring @halleberry @Lamar johnson and #DanielCraig. The movie gives the citizens of Los Angeles perspective of how it felt when Rodney King’s case was found not guilty. For most who don’t remember, Rodney King was a black man who was brutally beaten by 4 police officers. The not guilty verdict spawned the LA Riots which cost millions of dollars in damage. Halle Berry plays a struggling foster mother raising a melting pot of kids, which causes her to be in some detrimental situations in her attempts to protect them all. I will say that what wasn’t understood was Daniel Craig’s role in the film, but he plays Halle’s character’s neighbor as you’re trying to figure out what’s going on between the two. The movie opened some very relevant recent wombs, but the movie overall was very entertaining and educates those who have never heard of the case. As it was suggested to me, I️ recommend you to check it out on Netflix.