Living Single

First let me say that this picture exudes black girl magic, friends goals, and black beauty. This week’s honor goes to one of the timeless classic sitcoms, Living Single. Living Single is about 4 women Khadijah, Regine, Maxine and Sinclair who are friends 2 of them who are related & collectively their lives together and separately. The 90’s sitcom showed women of color in a positive empowering light, owning their own businesses, domineering in a male-driven career, pursuing their dreams and living life on their own terms. Each character was so different that I believe that's what made their chemistry work so successfully and help bring the laughter with their interactions. We also can’t forget Kyle and Overton who also added the male perspective to the sitcom and help create a more relate-able narrative. Black Love was never a shortcoming on the show between the roommates and friends and their love interest. Besides having one of the best theme songs and opening dance credit, Living Single in my opinion help pave the way for shows like Friends, Girlfriends, and Sex and the City. Shows like this iconic comedic gem come and go but stay influential to this day, be sure to check out the sitcom now streaming on Hulu.