Madea's Family Funeral

I checked out Madea’s Family Funeral and it wasn’t half bad. The movie is about a family who originally came together to celebrate their parent’s anniversary but end up coming together for an untimely death. I felt at some scenes, I was watching one of the old Tyler Perry movies. The movie was funny & had its serious parts & a story line that wasn’t as predictable. It could have done without some of the characters and cameos who didn't bring anything significant to the movie. This is supposed to be Madea’s last movie but this wasn’t the way I envisioned saying farewell to his biggest role, the catalyst to his success. Madea deserves a farewell movie, in addition to the farewell play tour, that will make us miss her for years to come. I do want to mention that the police scene which was supposed to be a comedic approach to police brutality honestly made me feel a little uneasy but I see what he was trying to accomplish. Hopefully, this movie is a step back in the right direction towards movies that evoke emotion, bring laughter and in true Tyler Perry fashion, makes us think.