Malcolm & Marie REVIEW

I understand the discourse about this movie had been heavily debated among viewers but I’m just going to start flat out, this movie was excellent. The performances, the script, the direction, the cinematography... just exquisite. When you consider the process they went through to create this film then this is an art in its purest form. Many have said, “well it’s just two people arguing for 2 hours”. Have you never had a defining night like this with your partner that probably lasts longer? It’s easy to play into the “woke” mindset of wanting black romance presented as a fairy tale but honestly, there is no romance that clear-cut. John David Washington plays Malcolm, a writer-director that has just had what seemingly is a successful premiere. His girlfriend, Marie, played by Zendaya with such nuisance and Grace doesn’t seem to think so.

The night unwinds as they spiral providing commentary upon cinematic art as it relates to authenticity juxtaposed with sacrifices one has to make when they are in a relationship with someone when they are at the peak of their career. It’s her authenticity that has provided Malcolm's success but he ironically sees her reality as his fantasy until he’s brutally forced to confront the truth. Even then, he’s afraid to admit it with a simple statement of gratitude because it would be revealing to himself that he is partially a fraud. We’ve all been there. The lover who had to downplay your contribution to your partner's ego. The lover whose passion and ambition cause them to become blind to the contributions of their partner. It’s the authenticity that Marie was working so hard to reveal matters that makes this film what it is. It was real, emotionally triggering. If you found no interest in that then maybe Malcolm had it right all along.