Miss. Juneteenth Review

#Spoilerfree Did anyone happen to watch Miss. Juneteenth? The movie is based on the holiday ”Juneteenth”, aka “Freedom Day” which celebrates the emancipation of black people in the united states. Nicole Beharie(@nikkibeharie) plays Turquoise Jones, a young mother who is also a former “Miss Juneteenth”. She wants desperately for her daughter to walk In her pageant footsteps but not make all the other life mistakes she made. You also see Turquoise try to figure out things with her estranged husband played by Kendrick Sampson(@kendrick38) all while holding down a job at a bar. Did I️ also mention the issues with turquoise and her mother? I️ really enjoyed the movie’s storyline, along with a brief history lesson, as a viewer we saw a mother fighting for her daughter to be better than her, sacrificing her time, energy and money all while trying to find her place in the world. It didn’t feel like your typical “black mother struggling” film, and the ending proved that. Nicole Beharie as an actress proves that regardless of any black-balling that her work speaks for itself. You can rent 'Miss Juneteenth' on various streaming services.