Night School

I watched Night School featuring two of the hottest comedians right now Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish The movie starts off with Kevin’s character Teddy dropping out of high school due to what’s initially hinted as dyslexia. The movie then takes a 17-year leap into the future and shows him successfully employed as a salesman at a Retail store. From there it shows his effort to attain his GED and Carrie conventional then unconventional methods to help him. spoiler alert From there the movie takes a slightly predictable turn as you kind of figure out he’s about to lose his job, who the principle of the school he’s about to attend is and some scenes we've seen in other movies. Once Tiffany Haddish is introduced you get a slight feel for a comedic battle between the two which I️ actually enjoyed. The movie does highlight the fact that teachers are underpaid and given too much to do which I’m sure most teachers can appreciate being mentioned. I️ also appreciate the Lean on Me references. Overall the movie was kind of all over the place as far as the random banter and scenes between Hart and the supporting cast. The comedy felt a little flat and some of the punchlines just didn’t land. I️ honestly feel its success at the box office was based solely on the two comedians being in the movie. I’m looking forward to versatility in both Tiffany Haddish acting as well as Kevin Hart who will be starring in a comedic/drama Upside January 2019 and Tiffany Haddish will be playing in a drama next summer.