Noah’s Arc Reunion

Last night premiered the 'Noah’s Arc' “Rona Reunion” and what a reunion @patrikianpolk blessed the viewers with! It felt great seeing everyone again for this much need and anticipated project. The storyline, which wasn’t short of laughs, picked up where it left off over 10 years ago answering a few questions fans had after 'Jumping the Broom', and throwing in a few surprises. The reunion also featured cameos and features from @therealtsmadison @lenawaithe @instatituss and @iamwandasykes. In true Patrik-Ian style, he tied in of course the “Rona” but also other important social climate topics like non-binary gender identity, hook-up culture during the pandemic, and the Black Lives Matter movement. At this point, the fans have one question, can we anticipate a full return of the sitcom? Missed it? Watch it now on Youtube.