Nobody's Fool

So being a fan of @tylerperry going back to his stage plays, it was only right I️ went and checked out @nobodysfool starring @tikasumpter @tiffanyhaddish and @omarihardwickofficial. The movie starts off with Danica @tikasumpter getting her sister Tanya @tiffanyhaddish out of jail and revealing to Tanya that Danica has been dating a guy who she has never met before. The role she was cast at times felt forced funny but don’t get me wrong definitely had it’s funny “did she just say that?” parts. At times the movie also felt like it was all over the place with the storyline but, made it not as predictable. What I️ did take from the movie in true @tylerperry fashion are the little wisdom gems he seems to put in his work. This one made you think about how hurt can cause you to emotionally hoard, building and keeping hurt from past situations. ALSO if someone you end up with isn’t in the picture you painted for yourself, sometimes you have to repaint that picture. Danica’s mother Lola played by @whoopigoldbergwho by the way had some of the funnier subtle lines said something in the movie that resonated with me sub quoting that ”there is no such thing as finding the perfect person, life is about living with the tiny imperfections you find in the people you come across.” The vibe of the overall movie compared to way earlier work such as #diaryofmadblackwoman or #thefamilythatpreys is that you feel less of Tyler’s involvement in his work and more of the people who work for him, we miss those movies we could quote and that made us anxious to watch the next film.