"PIMP" Movie Review

“First time I sold pussy I was ten years old,” is the opening line to this melodramatic cinema entitled 'Pimp' starring not-so-child-star, KeKe Palmer. “Wednesday” (@keke) lovingly referred to as “Wen, “grew up in the projects under the strict teachings and influence of her father Midnight John (@dmx); a street-smart pimp who was known to fuck up a bitch about his money. He taught Wednesday about the pimp game and most importantly how to hustle. Wednesday had been groomed since birth to take her father’s place and all too soon Wednesday was forced to learn that “pimpin ain’t easy.” After Midnight John suddenly passes away of a drug overdose, ten-year-old Wednesday is left to take care of her drug addicted mother and to take over the family business. She takes her father’s place and becomes one of the most well-respected pimps on the block.

Things take a turn for the worse when money is not flowing the way it should be. Wednesday never liked the idea of using her girlfriend Nikki to prostitute but Nikki was down for anything. She convinced Wednesday that it's just business and because they needed the money so badly, eventually Wednesday folded.

Everything comes crashing down the moment Wednesday meets Destiny, a gorgeous stripper/escort who worked both the pole and the phone book. Wednesday was immediately hypnotized by her [Destiny] body and offers Destiny a job. Destiny finds Wednesday's elusiveness extremely attractive and takes her up on her offer, failing to disclose that she already works for a cold-hearted murderer; a Pimp named Kenny.

The film reaches it's climax when Wednesday and Kenny come to a stand off. "Never let a bitch get close to your heart," Wednesday's voice over is heard narrating the intense moment. "And that bitch is money," an ironic lesson Wednesday finally learned a little too late.

Honestly speaking- this film is a solid C+ however, KeKe Palmer delivered an exceptional performance. She completely transformed her body, her voice, and her demeanor in order to bring Wendy to life. Hell!- I wanted to be one of her hoes by the time it ended!