Project Power Review

#SpoilerFree Social media has been buzzing with mixed reviews about the new movie 'Project Power' that just recently hit Netflix. The movie stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordan-Levitt & Dominique Fishback. After two viewings I️ have to admit that it was a good overall action watch. The story starts with the release of the “power” pill being distributed into the streets. Now ordinarily you’d think this is just another movie about drugs and the havoc it causes on the city, but the writer took it up a notch. These pills give the users superhero-like abilities for a limited time. Dominique’s character Robin is a high schooler as well as one of the pushers who finds herself in the middle of a war to end Power. With the help of her a cop, an ex-soldier looking to reunite with his kidnapped daughter, the movie takes viewers on a wild ride filled with Power players. I️ have to admit that the storyline reminded me a little of DC’s 'Black Lightning' and the fight against the drug “Green Light” sprinkled with a dash Marvel’s X-Men. Overall, the film gave us an action-packed story with amazing visuals combined with the unlikely of partners, and three point of views. What did you think about the film?