First season has potential

So initially I didn’t know if I was going to watch @relonfox starring @comedianlilrel known for #getout and #thecarmichaelshow but I’m glad I decided to. The cast also includes @jesshilarious_official @jordan.l.jones and @sinbadbad, The pilot starts off kinda slow with Rel and his wife separating and her taking the kids leaving him adjusting to his new life as a bachelor. What really caught my attention though was the fact that @comedianlilrel plays several different characters as funny black sitcoms before have done. It’s a successful formula that keeps watchers entertained with character variety. @relonfox does get funnier as it progresses and has an underlined positive message per episode. I can also appreciate any show that brings back legends like @marlagibbs4real and @sinbadbad back on prime time tv. Adding that extra edge to the show, @jesshilarious_official has some of the funnier punchlines and I’m looking forward to the character development of @jordan.l.jones since his character so far is just perceived as his recently released from jail sibling. Let’s see what the rest of the season brings.