See You Yesterday

Have you checked out ”See You Yesterday” on Netflix? The movie journeys two scientist teens CJ and Sebastian who have found the key to time travel. Through a series of unfortunate events, CJ’s brother is killed by the hands of a police officer. The teens use their newfound invention to travel back in time to undo the shooting. I love that the movie shows black teens striving in science, being smart, being nerds. A little annoyance as far as Cj’s temper which triggers some of the events, but overall a good movie. I commend the movie for even tackling a controversial topic, going where a lot of filmmakers won’t, knowing that people won’t support it on that alone. The movie also nodded the original time-traveling blockbuster ”Back to the Future” with a cameo from Michael J. Fox. The ending though, well I'll let you check it out for yourself. What did you think about it?