Sorry to Bother You

I watched Sorry To Bother You that debut earlier this year starring Get Out lakeith Stanfield and Dear White People Tessamae Thompson and what an interesting way to prove several points. Where do I️ start first? The narrative that people of color have to conform to society behavioral norms to succeed in the workplace? How big companies use modern-day slave labor for mass production and will do anything to make more profit? The lengths struggling people go in order to get ahead short of selling their soul? Worry-free corporation in the film may have been a glimpse into what big companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon may become but I️ don’t want to come off like I’m reaching. Slight spoiler alert, the ending will throw you for a loop mane. Needless to say, it was a socially gratifying movie with dope visuals, fantasy, satire, comedy, sprinkled with some science fiction.