Superfly 2018

I Watched Superfly starring Grown-ish Trevor Jackson. The movie is a modern remake on the 70’s blaxploitation original. Jackson’s character plays the cult classic iconic character priest who is a smooth mild tempered drug lord trying to get out of the game. In his attempts to leave the drug game, his associates and competitors start a war which he’s now in the middle of while also dealing with corrupt cops. The movie has entertaining action along with an unpredictable story-line and cold af ending. I do believe the movie had the ability to be disassociated independence of the original Superfly which may have honed it more successful in theaters. With the movie being a remake of such an older film, it cut off some of its key younger audience who have never heard of Superfly or those who didn’t want to watch a remake. It’s definitely worth a watch if you want to see an action film with new faces in Hollywood. Black-Hollywood is ready for another Denzel Washington and I don’t doubt Trevor Jackson could be up for the running.