That's So Raven

This week’s #tbt goes to Disney’s 00’s That’s So Raven starring @ravensymone. This show was everything growing up and had some of the best life lessons behind the episodes including topics #bodyshaming #racism #health and #bullying. The show revolved around Raven Baxter and her two best friends Chelsea and Eddie, while also juggling psychic abilities and her family. This show had some of the best genuine comedy I’ve seen to date especially for a kids show. #thatssoraven also followed that successful formula I mentioned in an earlier post of having the lead play various characters on the show. That’s So Raven has successfully rebooted as @ravenshomeofficial which to mention is one of the first black lead reboots since #whatshappeningnow . What was your favorite #thatssoraven episode? Mine was definitely the one featuring LizAnya!