The-40-Year-Old Version

Has anyone else checked out the film 'The-Forty-Year-Old Version?' The Netflix film which is not to be confused with the Steve Carell comedy is about a play-writer Radha whose career is not going in the direction she wants. Either she bows to the stereotypical material that will garner success or she stays true to herself and beliefs. She finds a new way to reinvent herself through rap going by the name “RadhaMUSprime” which challenges herself, pushes her creativity and express her frustrations from within.

So what was enjoyable about the film is it was filmed beautifully in black & white, reminiscent of films like Spike Lee’s 'She’s Gotta Have It.' The underlined message is one reminding us to continue being the best version of ourselves and that age shouldn’t discourage you. Viewers may get a little lost in the middle as you might think the end of the film is closer than it is which was my only drawback. Overall, it was an enjoyable dramedy with elements of hip-hop & romance. Side note, the protagonist Radha which is her real name directed, & wrote & co-produced the film, she is definitely one to keep an eye out for her! The movie is again streaming on Netflix for those who haven’t seen it.