The Color Purple

So one of my favorite based on a book by Alice Walker movie ”The Color Purple” turned 33 this week, plus Quincy Jones just turned 85 and Steven Spielberg turned 72 this Thursday. So with that being said, I wanted to honor the 1985 film. The iconic movie documents the lives of three women struggling with sexism, racist, sexual and physical abuse. The movie starts with Celie played by first Desreta Jackson then Whoopi Goldberg, Sofia played by Oprah Winfrey and Shug Avery played by Margaret Avery. These talented, iconic actresses tell their character's story so well that each role is as important as the others and plays off one another. At the end of the film, they come together and share in Celie’s reunited happiness among a field of purple flowers. The film also launched a very successful Broadway then National run adaptation starring just to name a few Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Michelle Williams and Cynthia Erivo. Between the quotable memorable scenes, the amazing orchestrated music and actors also including Danny Glover; the Steven Spielberg film eternally goes on the holy grail list of must-watch films not only for black people but everyone to enjoy.