The Darkest Minds

I was suggested to watch Sci-Fi based on a booked The Darkest Minds starring Amanda Stenberg who plays the main character, Ruby. The movie, in my opinion, reminded of “X-Men”, “Hunger Games” and “Dawn of the Dead.” It begins with a plague affecting only children which gave them mutant like powers and or killed them. The children are then taken from their homes and placed in camps where they’re categorized by their power level. Stenberg plays the strongest of them all. I️ say X-Men because of the obvious of having mutant like powers and a president in power having a son who is also mutant like, hunger games because of the reference of children being the main focus of the film, and the dawn of the dead because of the plague spreading and those trying to escape from the sudden doom that awaits them everywhere on the outside. The movie was entertaining and had a decent story-line, but I️ wish there would have shown more scenes with the all the kids main and supporting using their powers. It was great seeing Stenberg once again playing the main character of a film, especially one of this genre. This is a book series by Alex Bracken so let's hope there's a movie sequel in the near future which will deliver as much if not more than the first installment.