The Game

Who can forget drama-comedy “The Game”? The series was a spin-off of “Girlfriends” but quickly made a name for itself with its initial high ratings. The show revolved around a group of football players, the Sabers, and their life on and off the field. You also had their wives, mothers, girlfriends and the Sunbeams. The couple that really made the show shine was the ups and downs of Melanie and Derwin. On the flip side, you had Malik and all the funny drama with his momager Tasha Mack. Lastly, Kelly and Jason Pitts, who had one messy romance. Later the show was picked up by BET and did a complete revamp which included new cinematography, and almost an entirely new cast introducing Bryce, Kiera, and the one and only Chardonnay. The show ended in 2015 but still lives on in syndication on BOUNCETV or stream the entire series on HULU.