The Hate U Give

Initially, I had qualms about watching this film because I knew it evokes such strong emotions being black but I felt it was necessary. So the start of the movie begins with the father giving his children the “the talk” now what’s interesting is that the talk started in most families as the “sex talk” turned into being pulled over by the police talk for black families. You spend the first part of the movie anxiously anticipating the part that “triggers” the movie’s plot. I️ appreciate and felt Starr’s remarkable true emotion from beginning to the end as she initially struggles with the decision of whether to share her story being the starr witness to later being the voice of Khalil. I️ felt she wasn’t only crying for Khalil but every mother, father, child who has lost a loved one by police brutality. Issa Rae who plays a lawyer monologue reminds us that "our blackness is what’s considered a weapon even when we are unarmed", as more of these victim’s case like Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner become nothing more than just a hashtag. Another appreciated aspect that was displayed is how the mainstream media doesn’t focus on the police officer’s negatives who did the shooting but the victim’s. Common plays Starr’s uncle who gives the police’s point of view as well which is very crucial to the movie. This film will make you upset, it will make you cry regardless of what color you are but don’t let it discourage you from watching it.