The High Note Review

I️ had the chance to watch the film 'The High Note' starring Tracee Ellis-Ross, Dakota Johnson, Ice Cube, & Kelvin Harrison Jr. The film tells the story of Grace Davis, a famed singer with all the glitz & glam one could want. Grace’s personal assistant Maggie is an inspiring music producer with a huge knowledge of music history. Meanwhile, Grace is looking to go in a different direction with her sound, which Maggie hopes to seize the moment. Honestly, I️ thought, “oh great another movie with a WS narrative” which isn’t completely far from the truth but the movie entertained enough to overlook it. It is also worth noting this is the first time we get to see Tracee Ellis-Ross, daughter of the legendary Diana Ross, flex her singing chops. Tracee definitely bodied parts of her mother throughout the film, she absolutely looked amazing. We were also reintroduced to Kelvin Harrison Jr. who you may recall from the films 'Luce' & 'Waves'. Kelvin showcased his musical talent as David, a musician Maggie unexpectedly crosses paths with. Overall, I️ felt a 'The Devil Wears Prada' meets 'Double Platinum' vibe which is ironic, but the ending reveals those comparisons. You can stream the film on most major streaming services.