The Neighborhood

So I watched the new family sitcom on @cbstv@theneighborhood starring @cedtheentertainer @tichinaarnold@iammaxgreenfield and @bethbehrs. Now I️ had high hopes for this show seeing how it has some comedic sitcom heavy hitters but it definitely fell flat for me as far as being funny. I️ see where they were going with the show, but I️’m kinda confused by the concept. So the show revolves around two families in Los Angeles, one of them being a white family moving into a predominantly black neighborhood. @cedtheentertainer plays Calvin who is upset that a white family is moving into his neighborhood right next door to him at that. It felt like the show is trying to do a reverse Archie Bunker meets The Jeffersons type deal. If anyone remembers #allinthefamily Archie Bunker was upset that a black family was moving into his neighborhood; it being George Jefferson’s son. The odd thing about the show is that I️ don’t really see black people caring too much that white people are moving into their neighborhood, you’re cool, we’re cool normally, if anything probably just the adjustments one has to probably make when they’re your direct neighbor is all. Also, the show gave me the initial impression that it would revolve more around Calvin’s family but it also exclusively revolves around the other family as well which probably lands it a more diverse audience. Maybe the show will progressively get funnier as a lot of scenes felt forced, also some much-needed guest appearances would be ideal.