Till Death Do Us Part

So I️ saw buzz about this film Til Death Do Us Part on social media about if it was good? Also that it’s good and comparing it to 1991 Sleeping with the Enemy which is basically what it is with an all-black cast. I️ must say without seeing the original I️ can appreciate the modern day take on the original. The film is about a woman who fakes her death to get away from her abusive husband while also being pregnant. She then relocates and starts a new life under a new identity. The undertone of the film Is about domestic abuse and it was well developed and thought out even with this being a remake. The film had a great twist without knowing its origin and will keep you entertained while not being too predictable. It did give me Lifetime Movie vibes but that’s not always a bad thing and Stephen Bishop did play one hell of a scary ex-husband. If you enjoyed movies like 2002’s Enough or 2015 The Perfect Guy check this one out on Netflix before it's gone!