When They See Us

So all the Netflix buzz on social media right now is about "When They See Us", the story about 5 boys accused of raping a white woman in Central Park. The situation is another case of ”being black in the wrong place and the wrong time”. First I️ want to analyze the fact that a lot of people are having a hard time even pushing play on the film, I️ myself initially being one of them. Some of us for 60-90 minutes can separate art from reality, and watch with the purpose of entertainment while others know it will arise thoughts and emotions they’re not ready to experience. I️ applaud Ava Duvernay for telling this story, showing how the system we live in can work against us even at a young age. I️ felt those emotions from the time I️ saw all those young black men being interrogated especially Kevin, once they were changed from witnesses to suspects, the names they were called, the scare tactics, the assault, and the lies told. After all the movies, tv shows, the news, social media, we have to endure the same stories being told from different angles, it makes you wonder when will it ever change? Remember, this wasn't very long ago and it could have easily been someone we know or ourselves. For those who have or haven't checked it out, what are your thoughts?