I checked out Widows which is about 3 women whose lives are impacted by their husbands sudden death. Their husbands die owing a candidate running for alderman $2 million. Viola Davis's character Veronica Rollins recruits and orchestrate the women to join them in the effort to pay back the debt. What's interesting is that each woman is given a task in preparation for the heist and how each woman utilizes their strengths to get what they need is captivating, and empowering depending on how you look at it. The movie highlights how politics is a big business ran with corruption and scams. Daniel Kaluuya definitely plays one hell of a bad guy, as he assists the candidate who he is related to in getting his money back. Spoiler Alert, the plot twist reminded me of the movie Double Jeopardy and definitely made me say wtf. You will see today's social relevance in the film which I will leave it at that for you to figure out. Overall the movie was very entertaining with some great “edge of your seat” scenes, and great twist and turns. Towards the end, you will definitely get a Set It Off vibe as I️ did as you’re waiting to see if they can actually pull off the heist.