Wreck-It Ralph

I️ wanted to do something different and review Ralph Breaks the Internet. A kid-friendly yet nostalgic film adults can enjoy too. In this sequel to Wreck it Ralph, Ralph and his best-friend Penelope go to the internet to try and save her game after it’s broken. I did at times feel like I️ was watching a big advertisement since the movie showed just about every popular social media, online retail site, and currency exchange app. Taraji plays Yess the algorithm of BuzzTube which is basically YouTube as she helps Ralph go viral. The movie delivered but I think I’m still partial to the original. Besides the story-line, the film explores “breaking the internet”, popularity, likes, followers, and how social media can change your perspective on life, how it can either help or hurt and following the first rule of the internet “Do Not Read The Comments”. I definitely commend the movie’s take on explaining how the internet operates, it’s inner workings, and it’s negatives and positives. Definitely check out the film with or without the kids.